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How to check leather quality?

How to check leather quality? 

There are generally considered four types of leather quality grades, listed from best to worst: top grain leather, full grain leather, Split Leather, and genuine leather..

1.Top grain leather

Top grain leather is a high-quality product. It is produced from the hide but the outermost layer is sanded off (to make something smooth by rubbing it with something rough, especially sandpaper) so that any imperfection or irregularities are removed.It's a strong item albeit not exactly as extreme as full-grain leather. However, it analyzes different kinds of leather well.

2. Full grain leather

 Full grain is the longest lasting, highest quality grade of leather available. It holds the pattern of the animal's skin and has a natural , soft look and warm feel. Because it comes from the top most layer of the cow's hide, full grain leather is stronger and more breathable than others.

3.Split Leather

Split Leather is produced from a top grain. It is second or sometimes third cut below the surface , is then heavily coloured with or containing pigment and carved with an artificial grain texture.Split leather is made from the stringy piece of the conceal left once the upper piece of the rawhide is isolated from the stowaway.

4.Genuine leather

Genuine leather is indeed real leather.This implies that the material comes from genuine animal skin or that there is a cowhide in the material of some sort or another. While its quality is almost the same as full-grain leather or top-grain leather, it is still from real animal skin.