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Know Your Leather, Choose authentic leather products from Leatherinth

It is not easy to distinguish between genuine, beautiful, and imitation leather or fax. If you are paying the price for a genuine leather product, you are definitely looking for a genuine one and not a fake one. It is always good to know by knowing the real skin. Here are some tips to help you differentiate between genuine and fake skin.

Distinguish Between genuine and counterfeit skin

Hearing these two skin types can help you differentiate. Genuine leather can be smooth or hard to touch while faux leather is usually smoother and lighter than natural leather. Similarly, the smell of fake skin is nowhere near the odor emitted by real skin. Another way to distinguish real leather from imitation is by examining the holes in the fabric. Genuine leather will have pores placed inconsistently while faux skin will have a consistent pattern of pores. It is a matter of experience that you can easily find the difference between genuine and artificial leather.

Shop from Famous Retailers

In addition to learning the tricks of seeing the difference between these two types of leather, you should be careful to buy your leather goods from real and famous retailers. This is a basic rule that you should follow when looking for genuine leather products. There is a guarantee that you will get genuine and high-quality leather if you get it from a reputable retailer.

With online shopping becoming more common, you can find a few online stores setting up stores only to sell counterfeit or counterfeit leather products. Since you can't tell the difference between genuine and fake leather products when shopping online, you should trust the store and the product.

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